SYSMAN sevices refear to several areas:


Assistence, Consulting and Design

ICT services

Services for ICT sector: specialized Hi-end Hardware and System maintenance  services,both on-site and remote ones, especially on server farm for clients who need specialist tech support on “business continuity” and “service assurance” on their own IT platforms. Sysman gained large experience in Multivendor Hardware and system-level platforms of main operative systems (Microsoft, Unix, Linux) and also, in storage and web solutions. Main services refers to tech assistance and specialistic consulting.



Vertical software development

Vertical software development: ICT services for vertical (custom) development of turnkey software solutions, following customers functional and system requirements. The company is specialized in improving customized and operative, efficient and flex solutions. Sysman adopted an iterative production process, focused on prototyping with a large customer and final users involvement. This grants a fast “step-by-step” product release, fully satisfying customer needs. Main vertical development sectors are: Meteorology, Agrometeorology (with a 15 years experience), Public Administration and Health.



Company mission is rooted in turnkey products design and production, based on customers (like National Weather Service,  Regione Puglia Agrometeorological Service) requirements and focuses on developing industrial products for several area, like weather one, agricultural one, environment and energy one, e-gov one and Public Administration one (Civil Protection)  

Research and Development Projects

Research and Development Projects: through those projects, Sysman aim to produce brand new products and services for global market. Project activities are carried out with FESR (Regional, National and European funds) founds support, in collaboration with many Research Bodies like Bari and Lecce University, CNR-ISPA, CNR-IRSA, CNR-ISSIA, IAM-B and CETMA)

R&D application segments portability

BLULEAF:ICT application on Precision FarmingAGRES :ICT applied on AgrometeorologyIPPOCRATE :ICT applied on e-healthcareICT applied on Civil Protection (from R&D project MODS to Sinapsi product)

and more..

 ICT application on Meteorology for military operative scope like Air Force activities support (Air Force Weather Service)




ICT for CLOUD services through the SysmanICT infrastructure application on Industry 4.0