“Customers are in our business processes spotlight, our will is to design the best technical solutions, feeling free to innovate and develope new opportunities”

When it’s really hard, they call us

This is how our Technical Officier Dino Piccolo, loved to call all of those complex situation related to our clients operative needs. Impossible missions, challenges, urgent deadline, urgent and important actions, are nowadays normal life situations for ICT company in 4.0 era. Only resilient ones survive, in other words only who understands that client problems are company problems, and that those issues hide opportunity. In this era we need competences, experience and deal of initiative and, above all, we need a conjoint development in order to perfectly fit into the operative world where technological solutions work and solve problems. Dino penetrated in company’s soul, where out mission principles and values are rooted and we’re naturally following.

We get involved in our customer problems, because our client problem is our problem and it satisfaction is our opportunity  

Dino Piccolo,

CTO Sysman Projects & Services from its fundation to 16/11/2014

"Always with us" .Thank you


“From hi-end hardware maintenance exellence to R&D project and services development”

Cosimo Capodieci

Cosimo Capodieci

CEO Sysman Projects & Services

Sysman born as a company specialized in technical assistance for mission critical hardware on operative environment. Initiative and a “looking forward problems” skills characterizes our employees: always making ourselves available, searching every possible alternative solution, supporting our clients in important choices. It is all about behaviour, a behaviour that  repaid us with customers gratitude and appreciation and pushes us improving ourselves. After 40 years of work, and with some more white hair, I saw the R&D group borning and raising while facing highest level sectors from meteorology to agriculture, from Civil Protection to e-health. This highlights how good we work; we’re on the right truck in gaining excellence in new sectors and we can count on solid roots.